The Douglas County Football Officials Association currently provides officiating services to 9 local High Schools, 10 Junior High, as well as Boys and Girls Club and local Recreation Leagues.  Which equates to nearly 100 Football games per season. Plus playoffs. In short, the need for qualified Football Officials continues to be a need for our community and young athletes.

By  joining our association, not only will you receive extensive training and mentoring, you will start gaining experience immediately by officiating Recreation and Junior High football, as well as Frosh and JV-level high school contests. Most games consist of a 4-person officiating crew, led by one or two veteran officials paired with at least two newer members. Rules knowledge and mechanics are certainly not required to join as you will be taught almost everything you need to know to begin officiating in your first season. In fact, many new members are surprised to learn that high school football rules vary significantly from those used by the NCAA and the NFL. What you do need to bring with you is your love of the game of football, your professionalism and enthusiasm, and a desire to achieve excellence by playing an integral role in promoting fairness, safety and sportsmanship in amateur athletics.

Individuals must be prepared to commit a couple nights per week during July and August for training, and 2-3 days a week September through November for meetings and game assignments. There is an Association meeting almost every Wednesday during the season; freshman and junior varsity games are played on Wednesdays and Thursdays. With some JV and Varsity games on Friday nights. Jr. High games usually play on Tuesdays, while the Recreation Leagues and an occasional 8-Man Varsity on Saturday afternoon. Although you are not required to be available during all of these times every week, the season is short — less than 3 months — and the greater the availability, the greater the experience. We take on the belief that Family, and work come before Football. And will work with you to get the best experience from your availability.

Any football official — whether they have just finished working their first game or have been calling games for decades — will tell you that being a football official means belonging to a unique and proud fraternity where friendships are key and trust is paramount. Few people realize that during any football game, there are actually three teams on the field. The first two are wearing helmets and shoulder pads and doing battle against one another, while the third is wearing black and white stripes.

You can expect a great deal of fun and satisfaction, and also a great personal challenge. Officiating requires you to handle the stress and pressure of making instantaneous decisions, as well as the ability to calmly resolve conflicts. Furthermore, just keeping up with the speed of the game even at the high school level requires you to be in good physical condition. It truly is the best seat in the house...

If you would like to join our association, the first step is to fill out an information request form on the Officers and Forms page. Our President or Commissioner will contact you shortly, and provide you with information regarding meetings, purchasing your game uniform and required equipment. All necessary rule books and study aids will also be made available to you when you register.

Join our association, and discover what it's really like to be part of the game...




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